Wilson Practical Defence

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Practical Path Knife 4 Against the Body

In this clip we begin with the knife against the body. At first in a very unreal static position then adding more alive reality.

Depth of Practice – beginner Concentric Expansions

Concentric expansions are simple yet advanced body mechanics that will take your mechanics to an entirely new level.

Depth of Practice – Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are two compliments that form a whole and their proper use elevates your effectiveness.

IUPA – Sanchin 2

Depth of practice – Alignment

Alignment is vital and rather than test Sanchin – check Alignment

Depth of Practice – Knees

Everything come sup from the ground and the Knees are vital in doing this effectively.

Practical Path Knife 3 – Sensitivity

Practical Path Knife 2 – Beginner empty hand

The next step in your Knife work — Beginner empty hand vs. knife

Practical Path Strangulations Part 2

You must take care when working on these but strangulations are highly effective.