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Application of Rotating around your Centre

You have worked on rotating around your centre; this clip will direct you towards using this movement in application.

A Blast From the PAST! Reactive Kumites.

This clip is one I did up many years ago for George Mattson Sensei and he sold it on his site for a while.  I think it sold 4 copies in the end.  It is very out dated now and the video quality wasn’t good even for back then so I am posting it here […]

Eric Wong’s Hip Flexibility Solution Program

Eric Wong’s Hip Flexibility Solution Program I have regained my mobility health through the use of Coach Scott Sonnon’s programs. Coach’s programs healed so many of the things I had done to myself through hard martial arts training.  The one area I continued to struggle with (other than a little extra weight) was my hips. […]

Kata: A short word on principles and applications

There is an interesting thread on Van Canna Sensei’s Self Defence Realities forum on George Mattson’s website concerning Kata and application.  This is a short presentation I made to add to the discussion.  I warn some that I have strong beliefs on how tings work and I am not shy to express them so view […]

Slam Elevator Assault Drill

The Slam Elevator Assault Drill has the candidate standing with eyes closed as they are SLAMMED into the back of the “elevator” and must defend themselves.  There are two levels:  Softwork and Hardwork.  The Hardwork section is done in Tony Blauer’s HIGHGEAR (except the helmets) and the contact and resistance is raised considerably.

Blast Drill

The Blast drill is inspired by the writings of Rory Miller and how criminals use the slap to freeze the good guys.  The drill has one person with their eyes closed then SLAPPED and attacked BUT not only must they respond but the response cannot be full contact and must be totally under control – […]

A small clip on the principles of locks and breaks

Knowing how to lock and break is an important micro-moment skill set to have when that is what is going to make is so that you survive an assault.  Here is a short clip that covers the underlying principles of what makes any lock or break work.

Going from that Oh Crap moment of an assault to OK I can fight back

An assault is brutal fast and most often an ambush – a complete surprise.  The natural instinct is to raise your hands.  But can you do that and survive those first moments?  Can you move fom there to protecting yourself?  This drill hopes to help.

Walk Through the Pain

Ignore the Pain Drill – To survive a vicious assault some times you simply must ignore the pain the aggressor is inflicting on you do what you MUST to survive.  This drill works on that survivor mindset.