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U-CAP = Uechi Ryu Counter Assault Program – The Five Entries

This is a private link to this tryout video on the counter assault program dealing with and presenting the five entries. The Five Entries: These are five entries drawn from the Uechi Ryu system. It is not intended that you learn and practice all five entries but rather that you work them and then see […]

The Eight Uechi Ryu Kata

A very old 2004 clip of all eight Uechi Ryu Kate. A lot has changed about how we do Kata now and I only still practice five of the eight shown here but it is a nice historical look and for those wanting to see the Uechi Kata this gives a good general idea of […]

Awareness Progression: Step Eleven

Awareness Progression: Step Eleven: Always finish with PLAY to imbed what you have picked up this session. The Awareness Progression is a series of simple exercises that can be worked over and over each time increasing the level of awareness the student has for their own balance, the balance of their partner and the movement […]

IUPA Seisan Kata

Seisan is the second of the three main Uechi Ryu Kata base.  It is an intriguing Kata that has versatile applications.  As always when doing a Kata we look to express our principles, such as:  Using Gravity Using Momentum Landing on your strike Uechi Ryu LIVES in the transitions

Kanshiwa: The First Four Moves

Now that we have run quickly through Kanshiwa from beginning to end let’s look at the moves in more depth beginning with the opening and the first three vital moves that teach us everything we needed to know about avoiding an incoming line of force and how to have the right mindset and principles.  

Kanshiwa a Quick Run Through

A run through from start to finish on Kanshiwa – detailed look to come later.

Just Talkin to Rick 3 on Kata

There is a way to approach Kata that helps you self correct to the “right “moves…

IUPA Sanchin Basics Part 7 Briefly this is Sanchin

Part 7 of the IUPA Basics is a brief Sanchin to see it all in one piece.

IUPA Sanchin Basics Part 6 Step Offs etc

Part 6 of the IUPA Sanchin Basics is a close look at the details of the step offs.