Solving the Maze is a method to teach fighting in empty spaces.

Do not confuse what is being done as simple movement – there is more to it than that.

There are three distinct ways to fight in the empty spaces and one overriding element that must be felt when doing them.

The three ways to use empty space (mix and match):

1. Flowing through an empty space path to reach your target.
2. Moving the aggressor or part of the aggressor into empty space.
3. Moving you into empty space.

Overriding Element:

You do not simply move but rather fill the space like sand filling an hour glass. Move into it, flow into it, sink into it, expand into it – own the space.

Solving the Maze is a progressive Micro moment Skill Set training. This means we are isolating this skill set but we will be reintegrating it with other skill sets such as guiding and leading etc.