Great advice but where do I go?

Last blog I commented that there can be gaps in any system be it a martial art or self defence system and that everyone should look to fill those gaps.

Of course the next question is:  That’s really good advice but where do I go?

I am going to give some personal recommendations.  I am not saying these are the only places but these are ones I trust.

I will give two Edmonton based Self Defence Schools for martial artists to go to.  I would also have recommended Mike McGuire in Edmonton for tactical training but I see from his page he isn’t doing courses at the moment due to an injury. Crap I haven’t talk to Mike in a while – time to check in.  He still has the best martial arts store:

 For self defence practitioners looking for in-depth training in principles I will recommend one martial art school located in Edmonton as well as one for on-line information (I believe there may still be a school here in Edmonton but the owner no longer teaches there consistently as he is in demand around the world.)

 I am going to give two on-line and seminar based references that I feel are great for every self protection system practitioner and martial artist.

 And of course you might even want to check out my web site for an on-line resource and watch for a developing seminar base: .

 I am going to give a heads up to the martial artist who has trained a long time.  When you first enter into more realistic training it can make you think everything you have done to this point has been a waste of time – this is not true.  What you will be able to do is find the self defence in what you have already trained.  I say this with confidence because all martial arts were created for self defence; some have just wandered off the path. Studying with good practical practitioners can help you find the roots of your art.

 For the self defence practitioner you may need patience and some diligent hard work to see where the principles are (or should be) in the system you train.  Adding these principles will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of what you already are doing.



 If you are a martial artists who wants to add practical applications and some adrenaline testing to what you do then I have two great resources for you.

 In no set order:

 I recommend KPC Self Defence owner Randy King.

 They offer Krav Maga training and this is a very practical system.  They have an 11 week intro program before you can move to the progressive sessions.

 I like Randy’s approach in that the intro runs you through a technique approach building skill sets that you need for self defence.  Then the progressive course focuses on the principles needed and deeper into adrenaline response.  A good solid approach delivered by a solid practitioner and excellent instructor.

 The approach of Krav Maga is direct and will give any martial artists a good look at what they need to focus on.

 Into Krav Maga 11 weeks

 Themes Covered: Striking defense, Choke Defense, Knife defense, Hand gun defense and Impact tools

 Progressive Krav Maga

 Themes Covered: Striking, Controls (Ground Defense, Clinch, Joint locking and Lock flow) Edged weapons, Impact weapons, Gun defense, Adrenaline response,Use of Force and Psychology of combat.


I also recommend the RealSelfDefenseCenter owner Calen Paine.

 This school offers a variety of specialized self defence seminars as well as other training.  (Calen is running one now on multiple attackers.)

 Calen is also a strong Self Defence practitioner and an excellent instructor.

“RSDC has dedicated programs for personal protection, women’s self-defence, mixed martial arts & weapon based combat.  They also specialize in training security agents and law enforcement officers.”

 Check out the web site for more information on the courses offered.



 If you have done a lot of self defence systems training but want to look deeper at the principles underlying what techniques you have been learning then I have two excellent resources for you.

 Shameless plug:  And of course you might even want to check out my web site for an on-line resource and watch for a developing seminar base: .

 I recommend Panther Management Group Owner Trevor Tessier

 I only recommend people who I think are strong practitioners and excellent instructors and Trevor fits both categories exceptionally well.

Trevor teaches Jujutsu which is “a Japanese martial art of self-defense that dates back to antiquity. A combination of locks and restraints, strikes, throws, and ground defense, it is a versatile martial art that removes strength as a major factor thus making it accessible to people of all ages and sizes.”  Trevor is also an excellent ground grappling instructor.

Jujutsu is a diverse and exciting martial art with a never-ending supply of knowledge.

The tested curriculum for Panther Management Jujutsu Schools is based on Ketto Ryu Jujutsu.


I also recommend Practical Method – Chen Taiji owner Chen Zhonghua!/HunyuantaijAcademy

I will say without any hesitation that Chen Zhonghua is one of the most knowledgeable martial practitioners of body mechanics that I have ever found anywhere.  He has an in-depth knowledge and is an excellent practitioner.  His web site has a lot of highly instructive video clips.  If you want to get a deeper look at what can make things REALLY work well then go to his web site and start researching.

Also check out the web site to confirm a school is still operating in Edmonton although I am not sure how often Chen Zhoughua teaches there (there may be Edmonton seminars).



I don’t care who you are there is just some information that is useful no matter what.

 These two guys have looked at violence and built programs that fill in the gaps most practitioners have.  They are excellent practitioners and instructors.

 No matter how closely you look at things you will find information in what they teach that will increase you survival potential.

 First up is Rory Miller (Chiron Training.)!/rory.miller.965?fref=ts

 He is one of the best resources for learning about real violence and solid practical advice on dealing with violence that I know.

 Randy king is bringing him into Edmonton for the second time May 2014 but even if you cannot make it I highly recommend his books and if you are a visual learner his DVDs.

 I cannot recommend Rory’s material highly enough.

 He is willing to share with you the knowledge he gain through blood, sweat and tears and to ignore that opportunity is just plain stupid.  So if you practice any kind of martial art or self defence system – get his stuff!


I also highly recommend the material of Tony Blauer.!/tony.blauer

 One of the major gaps that can be found in training is getting to what we do to protect ourselves.  Tony has made a very deep study in how to help people get through that first intense moment of an assault to defending themselves. 

 While he has a broader range of material than this, one of his fundamental programs is The S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ Combative Philosophy: Applications & Implications for Personal & Professional Self-Defense.

 S.P.E.A.R.:  Spontaneous, Protection, Enabling, Accelerated, Response

 The dojo environment is a hard place to learn how to respond to violence.  Experiencing that adrenaline dump and what it is like to have to get out of a freeze situation is difficult training in a very comfortable spot.  Tony has made a study of using the Flinch Response to help you get through that dangerous moment.

Check out his web site for DVDs and seminars.


  Okay folks I have given you the resources you can use to expand your self defence or depth of knowledge base.

 Last shameless plug: If you can’t get to a different training facility then check out the on-line information including mine: