Knife Defence Sucks

Dealing with a knife empty handed is a really bad place to end up.

There are no right answers and no absolutes in knife defence. You’re facing a person with a tool that is far better at damaging the human body than what you have. You’re facing a person who doesn’t need a lot of skill or training to damage you with that tool.

Knife defence Sucks. Which is exactly why you must train for it.

I won’t tell anyone I have all the answers to knife defence but in searching for many years for something that holds up to the best testing we can give it I have something to offer which is why I wrote my book.

But the book is not a quick fix or a learn this one technique and you’re good to go. There is no such thing for knife defence.

What is offered is a way to look at how you want to defend against a knife, the tactics to use depending on your approach, the principles to make things work, a technique to hang those principles on, drills that allow you to learn and use the skills needed to defend against a knife, and how to condition your response to work in a sudden violent surprise assault.

If you expect a book that says here learn this one move and magic will happen this isn’t it. There is basically one technique but to make that work you must do the drills in the book to get the skills.

There are a number of drills but two main Skill Set Drills that may seem the least real are actually critical to making things work in that sudden violent moment of a sharp object trying to eviscerate you. Those are the Tactical Sensitivity Drill and The Hand Drill.

Once you understand the principles used and have worked on the skill set drills you must condition your responses and the book ends with some vital information on how and what to condition.

Knife defence sucks but we can do our best to prepare for it. No absolutes; no right answers; no promises; just the best options I can offer.

You can find the book here: Wact Out For The Pointy End