This is #12 of 20 short clips on the plea of self defence. It is important to note these clips do NOT give legal advice. If you are making a plea of self defence you should seek competent legal counsel.

I am not a lawyer. Being successful in supporting your plea of self defence is dependant on too many factors for anyone to give general advice on a specific situation.

You must have actually acted in self defence, you must be able to articulate all the facts in a manner everyone sees you acted in self defence and that is simply too unpredictable for this to be legal advice.

So what do the clips give you? They provide some sense of what may be seen as self defence and what may not be. They provide information on the realities of claiming you acted in self defence. They provide some idea of how you can best stay on the side of actually acting in self defence (whether others will agree is always the question). They provide some ideas on when you may not have acted in self defence. They provide references you should study for further information.