In Search of Efficiency – Part Three: Move in Structure (The first aspect of movement)

Part Two is on Structure which I wrote in another post so I will just include the link and move on to Part three.
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Part Three: Move in Structure (The first aspect of movement)

To move in structure is the first aspect of movement. A simple concept but when you watch people move many don’t do it.

We have all moved since we could roll over, then crawl and then walk. Moving is an easy concept; therefore, moving better isn’t that hard.

The first part of movement is simple. In structure, we discussed our base which is the points of our body touching the ground. When standing this is, of course, our feet. It only changes if we end up on the ground. To maintain structure, we kept our centre over our base. This doesn’t change when we move.

Our feet form our base and we need to think of this as the treads of a tank. The mechanisms for launching an attack from. A tank sits onto of the tread structure. The treads move the tank and the launch mechanisms never move from on top of them.

That is how we need to move. We must think of our feet/base as our tank treads or launch pad that must be kept underneath us. The moment we move losing that, we are unbalanced. When we are unbalanced we are vulnerable to having our bodies manipulated.

We want to be in balance and we want the Aggressor to be unbalanced. They want the same thing. Therefore if, when we move, we lose our base and become unbalanced we give the Aggressor what they want and we are open to failure.

Yes, there are people who can attack unbalanced but if you watch most of the time they use speed. Speed is an attribute and as soon as they face a person who is faster or can read their attack and time a response then they fail. Using an attribute should only enhance an action – it should not be why it succeeds.

No matter how you move, move keeping your base under you.