In Search of Efficiency – Part Seven: Move YOU not THEM

Now that we have laid the ground work for how we want to move we can slip off and look at two vital principles in apply movement. The first, and I think this concept is important for everyone but it is vital for students starting out.

The principle of: Move You Not Them.

To move a person, particularly a bigger stronger person takes skill in applying principles; therefore, I recommend that students begin with always looking at moving themselves rather than the Aggressor. And while I am recommending this for people starting out it is a strong principle at any time. It should be use no matter what your skill level, I only make the distinction because later in training you may have the skills to move the bad guy. Oddly moving you often helps accomplish moving them too.

Simple example a big strong person’s arm is straight out. Now at the end of that arm I can manipulate it as a big long lever but if I am not skilled at manipulating that big long lever (those skills to come) then I may try to muscle it over while pressing into their base.

BUT if we pause a moment and look at the goal we are trying to achieve – we want to go from being in front of this strong arm to beside it. Therefore, instead of trying to press it to the side why not simple step there yourself? Do move the arm, move you. The goal is the important thing and moving me I get there – goal achieved.

The purpose of this series is not to go into great depth about these principles but to introduce them and give some background and example of them. The concept of move you not them is simple so I will just put it out there that if you are struggle when training with a partner look at if you’re trying (unsuccessfully) to move them and, if you are, look instead at how you might move you.