Every Move You Make Has a Purpose – so did you achieve it?

I had another great discussion with, Rick Bottomley today.

The gist was that every movement we make has a purpose.

Let’s say the technique you are learning begins with a step.

Why did you step?

You see it is not important that you stepped, that you did something, what is important is if you achieved the purpose.

I stepped to avoid the strike.

I stepped to move them off their base unbalancing them.

Did you avoid the strike?

Did you unbalance them?

If you understand the purpose of every movement you make you can dissect why something worked or did not work.

The takedown failed.

Hmm when I stepped I didn’t unbalance them which meant the next portion – the takedown – failed.

I didn’t get to hit them, they hit me.

Hmm when I stepped I did not get off the line of force which meant instead of me striking while avoiding I got hit.

I know this sounds a little simplistic but techniques described as step here now do this should also have an understanding of the purpose of stepping here and the purpose of doing this.

Then you can experience if you achieved your purpose.

I’ve placed this in some very simple examples but you can apply this anywhere.

I am to rotate here – why?

What is the rotation to achieve and did it?

If it did not – why not?

Did you not do the rotation in a manner that would achieve that purpose or is rotation the wrong movement for that purpose?

Always know your purpose and always check that you achieved it.