Eric Wong’s Hip Flexibility Solution Program

I have regained my mobility health through the use of Coach Scott Sonnon’s programs. Coach’s programs healed so many of the things I had done to myself through hard martial arts training. 

The one area I continued to struggle with (other than a little extra weight) was my hips.

In my martial practice the use of the Qua (Kwa) or hip joint is vital so I was searching for something to help me out when Adam Steer forwarded me a link to a program call Hip Flexibility Solution by Eric Wong. 

I liked what I saw and bought the program which is multilayered.

After just one week of doing the Kneeling Portion of the program I noticed a massive change in how my hips felt.

One night we were doing some WPD Foundation Conditioning Drills (You kick me hard I hit you back) when everyone noticed how easily my hips were rotating on the roundhouse kick.

Now I feel there is a long way to go but that’s why it is a longer program with more components. 

But the Kneeling Routine is going to be a steady portion of my workouts.

At 57 years old my hips have never felt better and I hope it can come across in this vide clip.

Here is a link to the program (I also bought the follow along clips as I just find it easier to motivate me.)