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Rick’s Video Blog March 27, 2015 Just Talk’n to Rick: Training Drills and Inadvertent Flaws

Today I’m talking about the Inadvertent Training Flaw. Now, what is inadvertent to one person may not be to another and that is because it will depend on your goals. It becomes an inadvertent training flaw when something that works in a drill or in that context bleeds over into your main purpose and doesn’t […]

Rick’s Video Blog March 20, 2015 Just Talk’n to Rick: Goals, Strategy, Tactics and Techniques.

Just Talk’n to Rick: Goals, Strategy, Tactics and Techniques. Using the wise words of Rory Miller in his book “Meditations on Violence” Goals dictate Strategy. Strategy dictates Tactics. Tactics dictates Techniques.

Rick’s Blog March 12, 2015

The Plea of Self Defence: I have done a 20 video clip series on the Plea of Self Defence and what that means. The clips are not intended as legal advice because there are just too many variables to give advice but what the clips do give are factors you should consider and reference material […]

Rick’s Blog December 22, 2014

Rory Miller`s “Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of martial Arts Training & Real World Violence.” I reread books that resonate with me. I just reread Rory Miller`s first book “Meditations on Violence.” I had become familiar with Rory Miller through George Mattson’s Website’s forums and bought his first book as soon as it was out. […]

Rick’s Blog December 02, 2014

Rick’s Blog December 02, 2014 Goals – Strategy – Tactics – Techniques I am always impressed with the material presented by Rory Miller and in rereading his book “Meditations on Violence” his section on Strategy Training stood out for me again as not only a valuable lesson in approaching any personal training but preparing training. […]

2014 10 14 Just Talking – Let it Go!

My first Video Blog. Inspired by Randy King of KPC Combat and his Tuesday rants (Check him out on YOUTUBE of Face Book) This blog is about “Let it go” the ability to let go of old methods as you learn something more efficient and effective.

Rick’s Blog August 3, 2014

Rick’s Blog August 3, 2014 What is your violence potential and what does it look like? Between wishful thinking and paranoia lies a proper level of caution. Wishful thinking is wanting a world where no one ever harms anyone and then believing you are living in that world – you are not. Paranoia fears unrealistic […]

Rick’s Blog June 9, 2014

Rick’s Blog June 9, 2014: The Progression Map We recently added a Progression Map to the website and this is something I feel is very exciting and so helpful to those joining our site. A few weekends ago I had the best time at a two day seminar taught by Rory Miller and hosted by […]

Rick’s Blog April 26, 2014

Rick’s Blog April 26, 2014 Hierarchy of Self Defence Needs The following diagram is for those individuals who are looking for self defence and not sport. Clearly this is swiped from Maslov`s Hierarchy of Needs, I just felt it was a good way for those teaching Martial Arts or Reality Self-Defence systems to look at […]

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