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Rick’s Blog January 17, 2014

Gifts  I have a phrase for apply locks or takedowns – gifts.  When gifts are offered it is rude to refuse to accept them.  It is even ruder to attempt to take a gift before it is offered.  I look at applying locks and takedowns the same way.  If you move properly then these gifts […]

Rick’s Blog January 3, 2014

 Principle based Training vs. Technique based Training  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  Old Chinese proverb  I believe in teaching principles over techniques.  There are styles that have hundreds of techniques. What those many techniques are really […]

Rick’s Blog December 24, 2013

Efficiency and Effectiveness: The hardest thing to do is often to translate our martial training into words.  So the words we use are important and it is important to know what we are meaning by the words. The use of different words that mean similar things is not always wrong unless it misleads us but […]

Rick’s Blog December 17, 2013

Rick’s Blog December 17, 2013  My approach to martial arts is one of Personal Protection.   While the body mechanics (and more) can transfer to military, MMA, Law Enforcement or protective services they have different goals.  Only someone who is in those professions can determine what applies best. For instance training to defend against a knifing […]

Rick’s Blog December 7, 2013

Hi Everyone: I have started this public blog where I will be posting my thoughts, technical material and reviews of training material. I hope you enjoy it. Before I start with that material I thought it best to introduce myself and my background. I have been involved in some form of martial training since I was […]

Merry Christmas Everyone

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