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The use of a takedown in self defence can end the threat.  This clip gives you the underlying principles of all takedowns.

Preview: The Six External Harmonies

Preview: Knife 1: How to Use It

Preview: Soft Adrenaline Training

Training: Play to Learn 1

My approach to training is to ensure “live” training takes place and one of the best ways is to simply play with what you are working on.  Have someone attack you and see what happens….

Introduction to Softwork Drills

The term Softwork comes from Coach Scott Sonnon and it is an approach to increasing efficiency in what you do.  As drill progress towards Hardwork by adding in more reality and resistance you move towards working on effectiveness.  This is a discussion on Softwork.    

IUPA: Sanchin Clip 1

This is the first clip in my series on my IUPA approach to Sanchin – if you are used to mainstream Uechi Ryu this will seem different.  

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