Wilson Practical Defence

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Depth of practice – Alignment

Alignment is vital and rather than test Sanchin – check Alignment

Depth of Practice – Knees

Everything come sup from the ground and the Knees are vital in doing this effectively.

Practical Path Knife 3 – Sensitivity

Practical Path Knife 2 – Beginner empty hand

The next step in your Knife work — Beginner empty hand vs. knife

Trailer # 4 Strangulations

You have to be very careful training these….

Practical Path Strangulations Part 2

You must take care when working on these but strangulations are highly effective.

Pratical Path Strangulations Part 1

Sanchin 101 Supplemental: Beginner Arms

The Six External Harmonies

Using your whole body in everything you do increases your effectiveness.  One of the ways to work on entire body use is through the Six External harmonies so take a look and ask questions and practice.

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