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Alternating Palms Part 2

Part 2 is about 25 minutes and shows how this can be used in NLD teaching responses and for teaching ... View

Alternating Palms Part 1

The clip (Part 1) is about 23 minutes long and shows a new and vital component to what is forming ... View

Chen Taiji Principles from Rick Bottomley

This is a nice clip of my long time training partner Rick Bottomley giving his views on how the first ... View

A Sensitivity Drill For Reading an Incoming Line of Force

This is “raw” footage of the first attempt at a drill I had in mind to learn how to read ... View

Rick’s Blog February 21, 2014

 Rick’s Blog February 21, 2014  Body Mechanics:   Defending yourself is both a simple and complex thing.  Learning to hit and move and deal ... View

A Blast From the PAST! Reactive Kumites.

This clip is one I did up many years ago for George Mattson Sensei and he sold it on his ... View

Drills for Reading the Attack

This will appear to be a very simple drill but it teaches a very important complex transfer of thought process ... View

Play to Learn – Working with Verticality and Movement

Just a few of us having a fun night.  Learn by playing. ... View

Rick’ Blog February 11, 2014

The Steps to Efficient and Effective Self Defence:  Develop the Best Body Mechanics Take Those Body Mechanics to Application Develop the Mental Aspects ... View