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Rick’s Blog June 9, 2014

Rick’s Blog June 9, 2014: The Progression Map We recently added a Progression Map to the website and this is something ... View

Step One: Lift the Foot to Move

The first step in learning to empty the foot is working on lifting the foot. Then begin to think of stopping ... View

Empty the Foot

This concept is related to the drop step used to engage gravity in other systems. However, I feel it engages gravity ... View


Leading takes guiding and the use of 4 ounces of pressure to more than pressure the bad guy to move ... View

4 ounces of Pressure

Here the 4 ounces of pressure means not giving your opponent (the bad guy) enough pressure to get a “bite” ... View

4 ounces move 1,000 lbs

This principle comes from the ancient Taiji classics and ist simply means that you get control of your opponent’s centre ... View


Guiding – four ounces of pressure – leading. Guiding is the first step in this progression. Guiding is you moving and slightly ... View

Catching the Momentum

The use of tendon power provides us with a spring board from one move to the next. The key to accentuating ... View


Sinking is the application of gravity to your benefit. Many systems use gravity. Even Jack Dempsey had the drop step. Xing ... View