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Rick’s Blog December 22, 2014

Rory Miller`s “Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of martial Arts Training & Real World Violence.” I reread books that resonate ... View

Rick’s Blog December 02, 2014

Rick’s Blog December 02, 2014 Goals – Strategy – Tactics - Techniques I am always impressed with the material presented by Rory ... View

2014 10 14 Just Talking – Let it Go!

My first Video Blog. Inspired by Randy King of KPC Combat and his Tuesday rants (Check him out on YOUTUBE of ... View

Rick’s Blog August 3, 2014

Rick’s Blog August 3, 2014 What is your violence potential and what does it look like? Between wishful thinking and paranoia lies ... View

Rick’s Blog June 9, 2014

Rick’s Blog June 9, 2014: The Progression Map We recently added a Progression Map to the website and this is something ... View


Shear: To cut through something as if or with a sharp object. Shearing is a foundation principle in moving the ... View

Rick’s Blog April 26, 2014

Rick’s Blog April 26, 2014 Hierarchy of Self Defence Needs The following diagram is for those individuals who are looking for self ... View

Rick’s Blog February 21, 2014

 Rick’s Blog February 21, 2014  Body Mechanics:   Defending yourself is both a simple and complex thing.  Learning to hit and move and deal ... View

Rick’ Blog February 11, 2014

The Steps to Efficient and Effective Self Defence:  Develop the Best Body Mechanics Take Those Body Mechanics to Application Develop the Mental Aspects ... View